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Enjoy Being Alone Enjoy Being Alone

Only People Who Enjoy Being Alone Will Understand These 5 Things

Is your idea of a perfect evening a night in, alone, watching a movie, tv show or reading a novel? Do your friends complain because you "never" want to go out with them? Is your mother worried because she thinks you'll never find "the one" because you rarely date? Then you, my friend, are the classic loner. Here are a few things that I know you will understand. 1. Nothing makes you happier than knowing it's Friday and you have NO plans for the next two days Nothing, that is, except reading a good book, watching a marathon of your favorite TV show on Netflix, and taking your dog for a walk. And, you find absolutely nothing wrong with that. 2. You love going shopping alone Because when you take someone with you, it takes FOREVER. And, they want to go to 10 different stores and then have lunch and….no! Just no! You want to go, get what you want, and get home as quickly as possible. 3. You like to go to movies alone When you go to a movie with someone else, you have to agree on the movie and may even wind up seeing one you didn't want to see. What's the point of that? No, you want to choose the movie and enjoy it without having any distractions, and without having to discuss it afterward because you need time to think about it and digest it all before discussing….or not talk about it at all if you don't want to. 4. You love to travel alone Because, like shopping and movies, you want to choose where you want to go. You want to stay as long as you want to. You want to move on to the next destination when you feel like it. You want to explore out of the way places and see the biggest Kokopelli in the world without judgement. 5. You hate big crowds I mean…there are lots of people in crowds! And, there's pushing and shoving and someone might want to strike up a conversation with you, when all you want to do is go home, turn on some favorite music, get a glass of wine and chill. If you enjoyed this article, don't forget to SHARE it with all your friends and family!


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